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Mexico is the subsequent nation on our journey. worldwide in 50 experiments. Mexico is situated in North America and shares a border with the USA. It’s the fourteenth largest nation on the earth. Mexico could be very sizzling, with deserts within the north, mountains and canyons within the heart, and tropical jungles within the south.

Mexico It’s a fascinating nation with an extended and diversified historical past. It is filled with wonderful animals and has many attention-grabbing geological options.

image of the Mexican flag, Chichén Itzá and a sloth

Mexico information

  • Capital metropolis – Mexico Metropolis
  • Mexico has 31 states and Mexico Metropolis which isn’t a part of a state.
Mexico City Skyline
Panoramic view of Mexico Metropolis
  • Major language – Spanish
  • The nationwide image of Mexico is the golden eagle.
  • Mexico has greater than 700 species of reptiles!
  • The longest river in Mexico is the Rio Grande beginning in Colorado.

volcanoes and earthquakes

Mexico is a part of the Ring of Fireplace, a stretch of about 40,000 km alongside the boundaries of the tectonic plates within the Pacific Ocean. The Ring of Fireplace is house to greater than 450 volcanoes, and unsurprisingly, most of Earth’s earthquakes happen in its path. Simply off the west coast of Mexico is a subduction zone the place the oceanic Cocos plate slides underneath the North American continental plate. This makes Mexico susceptible to earthquakes. Mexico Metropolis suffered an earthquake in 1985 that was notably devastating for the nation.

A baking soda and vinegar volcano its a good way to find out about volcanoes and i’ve some too concepts for studying about earthquakes together with making a seismometer!

multicolored volcano for a science project
Map of the Ring of Fire.  An area of ​​tectonic plate boundaries around the Pacific Ocean
Ring of fireplace map exhibiting tectonic plate boundaries

A easy strategy to find out about plate tectonics it is with an orange! You’ll be able to fastidiously peel it off and crack the shell to characterize tectonic plate boundaries. The transferring orange peel on the jam reveals how tectonic plates can push towards one another.

orange peel plate tectonics

Chichen Itza

Mexico is house to Chichen Itzaone, one of many new 7 wonders of the world.

Chichen Itza It’s an historic Mayan metropolis based across the fifth or sixth century AD. At its top, it was house to greater than 30,000 individuals with pyramids, temples and roads. Within the heart of Chichén Itzá there’s a temple known as Kukulkan. The template was devoted to the serpent god. Kukulkan and it was the place the clergymen of the time communicated with the gods and carried out ceremonies.

The Kukulkan Temple ( additionally know as the fortress ) has 91 steps on both sides and one step on the prime giving a complete of 365, one for every day of the 12 months.

Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza

The temple is wonderful even by at present’s requirements, however when you think about how way back it was constructed, it is much more spectacular!

Throughout the spring and summer time equinoxes, the shadow of the solar makes it seem as if the snake is sliding down the steps.

We created our personal Temple of Kukulkan with Lego and used a torch to recreate the shadow of the serpent. It is nonetheless a piece in progress, however you get the concept.

Lego model of Chichen Itza


Mexico is conveniently situated between the equator and the Arctic Circle, making it the right place for animals escaping excessive temperatures. The Grey whale is an instance of a migratory animal. Grey whales make the lengthy journey from the chilly waters of Alaska to the a lot hotter Baja California Sur to breed.

Mexico’s diversified local weather makes it house to all kinds of animals. axolotls They’re present in rivers and lakes in central Mexico. These unknown creatures are fascinating to scientists as a result of they’ll regenerate physique elements, together with limbs, spinal twine, and coronary heart! Sadly, axolotls are practically extinct within the wild.

Axolotl underwater amphibian aquatic animal close up
Axolotl underwater amphibian aquatic animal shut up

Mexico can also be house to one of many largest rattlesnakes on the earth. The Mexican rattlesnake may be as much as 5 toes lengthy!

Additionally, you will discover sea turtles, anteaters, ocelots, monkeys, lemurs, parrots, sloths, armadillos and even donkeys in Mexico!

The sloths are notably fascinating. Their fur is house to many various organisms, together with bugs, algae, and different microbes. sloths have a symbiotic relationship with inexperienced algae The sloth supplies a house for the algae and the algae helps camouflage the sloth so predators discover them tougher to identify!

That’s the finish of our lightning journey by way of Mexico.

The place will you go subsequent in our Journey world wide?

Chichén Itzá and the Mexican flag to promote a scientific activity to get to know Mexico.

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