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Fantasy adventurers are chilling in a bustling city square.

Image: Sq. Enix

With extended wait events a distant memory, the Closing Fantasy XIV workers is ready to return to normalcy by letting of us preserve logged in endlessly, regardless of how prolonged they go along with out, you perceive, actually collaborating within the massively multiplayer on-line sport.

In July 2021, Closing Fantasy XIV launched a system that kicked gamers after half-hour of inactivity. This aimed to mitigate the game’s rising server congestion ahead of the extraordinarily anticipated Endwalker enlargement’s launch that December. Sadly, it didn’t do so much. The overwhelming status normally resulted in hours-long login queues. Nevertheless points have chilled out right this moment. Players are as soon as extra free to AFK to their hearts’ content material materials, a attribute that items Closing Fantasy XIV aside from its contemporaries.

When Closing Fantasy XIV carried out these auto logouts, I was shocked that the game didn’t already boot people who weren’t doing one thing. By the use of sustaining on-line stability, it solely is sensible. Drawing in tens of a whole lot of players at any given second means doing the whole thing you presumably can to verify servers aren’t being overloaded. Totally different persistent on-line video video games like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and Misplaced Ark, as an illustration, have prolonged had their very personal AFK timers.

Closing Fantasy XIV—and, by extension, its participant base—is totally totally different from totally different MMOs. Its lack of an AFK player-booting system permits the world to essentially really feel fuller and further alive. Touring to any of Closing Fantasy XIV’s bustling metropolis amenities might be a tremendous experience, as you’re normally met with throngs of players merely hanging out. The reality is, a few of us certainly not sign off the least bit, preferring to let their characters dance away the time between play durations in public areas.

As such, the Closing Fantasy XIV workers’s decision to remove the AFK timer is proving to be a popular one with the MMO’s passionate group.

“As soon as I first started, there was some man standing inside the road inside the Black Shroud for a powerful week,” acknowledged a participant on the Closing Fantasy XIV subreddit in response to the data. “I was dumbstruck. Now, I nearly certainly not sign off, for no particular goal, so I get it.”

“Sooner than [Endwalker] launched, there was always a dude on the steps in entrance of the Aetheryte in Ul’Dah doing the [Bee’s Knees dance],” one different participant acknowledged. “I referred to him as a result of the Meth Pope as a consequence of his vibrant outfit (or lack thereof), and for the first time in months, I observed him as soon as extra this morning.”

“I alt-tab inside the [free company] residence day-after-day, sustaining the music inside the background,” acknowledged a third. “I reckon I’m possibly not alone with that. Totally different people merely certainly not sign off. Modern PCs have the flexibleness to take care of [Final Fantasy XIV] open with out hindering something. Can truly play totally different video video games whereas [it’s] working. I log in as soon as I activate my PC, sign off as soon as I flip it off.”

Closing Fantasy XIV’s social factors normally quick players to realize personal targets exterior the usual content material materials, akin to making their character as shiny as doable.

Sq. Enix is presently having enjoyable with a victory lap after Endwalker contributed to a “sharp rise” in subscriptions, making it one in all many agency’s most worthwhile endeavors inside the earlier fiscal 12 months. Other than the elimination of the AFK timer, Closing Fantasy XIV has moreover acquired smaller mechanical modifications and additional content material materials by means of the current “Newfound Journey” patch, which must, partly, lead straight into its subsequent fundamental storyline.

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