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aerosol: (adj. aerosolized) A minute stable or liquid particle suspended in air or as a fuel. Aerosols might be pure, comparable to fog or fuel from volcanic eruptions, or man-made, comparable to smoke from burning fossil fuels.

Atlantic: One of many 5 oceans on the planet, it’s the second largest after the Pacific. It separates Europe and Africa to the east from North and South America to the west.

climate: The weather conditions that usually exist in an space, normally, or over a protracted time period.

cloud: A plume of molecules or particles, comparable to water droplets, that transfer beneath the motion of an out of doors drive, comparable to wind, radiation, or water currents. (in atmospheric science) A mass of airborne water droplets and ice crystals that journey as a plume, normally excessive within the Earth’s ambiance. Its motion is pushed by the winds.

colleague: Somebody who works with one other; a coworker or workforce member.

condense: To change into increasingly more dense. This may occur, for instance, when moisture evaporates from a liquid. To condense may imply to alter from a fuel or vapor to a liquid. This may occur when water molecules within the air stick collectively to change into water droplets.

information: Information and/or statistics collected for evaluation however not essentially organized in a approach that provides them that means. For digital info (the type saved by computer systems), that information is normally numbers saved in a binary code, represented as strings of 0’s and 1’s.

density: The measure of how condensed an object is, discovered by dividing its mass by its quantity.

issue: One thing that performs a job in a specific situation or occasion; a taxpayer

illumination: A flash of sunshine attributable to the discharge of electrical energy that happens between clouds or between a cloud and one thing on the Earth’s floor. Electrical present may cause sudden heating of the air, which may create loud thunder.

micrometer: (typically referred to as a micron) One thousandth of a millimeter or one millionth of a meter. Additionally it is equal to some hundred thousandths of an inch.

mannequin: A simulation of an actual world occasion (normally utilizing a pc) that has been developed to foretell a number of possible outcomes. Or a person who is supposed to indicate how one thing would work or look on others.

particle: A small quantity of one thing.

bodily: A scientist who research the character and properties of matter and vitality.

precipitation: (in meteorology) A time period for water falling from the sky. It may be something from rain and sleet to snow or hail.

scope: The complete extent or distribution of one thing. For instance, the vary of a plant or animal is the world over which it happens naturally. (in arithmetic or for measurement) The extent to which values ​​can fluctuate (comparable to increased to decrease temperatures). Additionally, the gap inside which one thing might be reached or perceived.

Salt: A compound made by combining an acid with a base (in a response that additionally creates water). The ocean incorporates many various salts, collectively known as “sea salt.” Frequent desk salt is fabricated from sodium and chlorine.

satelite: A moon orbiting a planet or a car or different manufactured object orbiting some celestial physique in area.

sea: An ocean (or area that’s a part of an ocean). Not like lakes and streams, seawater, or ocean water, is salty.

updraft: A robust mass of air that rises quickly.

climate: Situations within the ambiance at a localized place and at a specific time. It’s normally described by way of explicit traits, comparable to air strain, humidity, any precipitation (rain, snow, or ice), temperature, and wind velocity. Time constitutes the true circumstances that exist at any time and place. It’s completely different from climate, which is an outline of the circumstances that are inclined to happen in some common area throughout a specific month or season.

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Salt may quash lightning over the sea

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